Gut Guided Weight loss

with Prescribed HCG Injections in Ontario

Nutrition Guided by Gut Analysis include Prescribed HCG Injections & Coaching

SlimReset Gut Analysis

SlimReset personalizes your rapid weight loss journey based on gut analysis (included with your plan!)

If you have a high body mass index along with high blood pressure or any other weight related medical problems, you have likely been advised to lose weight. SlimReset is Canada's only medically prescribed, accelerated weight loss program that is customized to your gut. SlimReset creates your individual journey based on a scientific gut analysis that we use to assess you, and then uses your own gut data to tailor your weight loss program to you.

Prescription Drugs vs. Over the Counter Medicines

Prescription medications or drugs are available only when recommended and prescribed by a doctor or healthcare provider. To obtain these medications, your healthcare provider must give you a prescription. They should be taken only by the person they are intended for.Over-the-counter medicines are available without a prescription, but are usually weaker or diluted. They do still cause side effects and may have drug interactions. They also may interact negatively with certain conditions or diseases. These medicines may worsen your condition or they may cause another drug you are taking to build up in your body if they are taken inappropriately.

SlimReset's Prescribed, Medical Grade Injections

SlimReset uses only a medical grade hormone, which is specifically prescribed for you. Although the injections are shipped to your home, they are not over-the-counter treatments, but are full prescription medicines. Any non-medical grade versions you may see elsewhere are diluted and may pose a risk to your health.

Complement Your Reduced Calorie Diet

By using our injections regularly, as prescribed, in combination with following your food guide, you are given the boost you need to burn fat - especially belly fat. Your metabolism is protected, since you’re not starving but feeding your metabolism calories directly from fat stores all day. Because we have ongoing daily coaching and consultation to pair with this, you can safely continue or increase your exercise levels for health; we can make adjustments as necessary. By following your tailored food guide, continuing physical activity, if you choose, and using your injections, fat burning is maximized for powerful results. Losing weight becomes easier, regardless of how much weight you need to lose or your initial body weight. You can achieve positive results, despite any previous difficulties you may have had in shifting weight.

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