How does slimReset work?

SlimReset is designed to help clients safely and rapidly shed pounds but exclusively targeting fat all over the body. By day 2 of the program your body will begin to convert your abnormal fat stores to caloric energy. As a result you experience 0.5 to 1lb of fat loss daily. As long as you adhere to your SlimMetrics (calorie and protein requirements) and your “Slimination” meal plan you will experience dramatic results.

What is the prescribed hormone on program?

You'll experience the full benefits of SlimReset's protocol by combining personalized nutrition with the medically prescribed Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This hormone, already naturally present in your body, can be administered through injections or compounded cream.

Is all hCG created equal?

Unfortunately no. SlimReset exclusively provides medical grade hCG it is only prescribed for you after a medical review by our licensed medical practitioners. Beware of non-prescribed hCG, often found in diluted forms like hcg drops or sublingual administration. Such alternatives put your lean muscle, metabolism, and overall wellbeing at risk. Stay safe and choose wisely!

Do I have to come for weigh-in's or consultations to a clinic?

Absolutely! No need to drive anywhere! We deliver your prescribed products right to your doorstep. Your time is precious, and we've got your back with real-time support tailored to your inputted data. Get ready to tap into a personalized journey with SlimReset, where convenience meets discretion, allowing you to experience 1:1 support, by Zoom, phone or app a tap away wherever you are.

Can I work out on SlimReset?

You can continue to do gentle work outs while on program however if you begin to feel tired or hungry we may need to adjust your caloric intake. Our medical support team can guide you. You don't need to work out nor will it help optimize your results. Your results are reflective of your personalized nutrition journey and improved digestive function.

Are the injections painful?

The injections are quite painless, smaller than a diabetic needle and done in the soft tissue of the belly. (around the belly button) You will get a video instructing you on how to mix, fill and self administer injections.

We also have a "poke free" option designed as a transdermal cream. As effective as the injections without the need to inject. Simply 1 pump on your forearm is all you need. Simple and pain-free!

Can diabetics do SlimReset or will their blood sugar drop too much?

Diabetics and non-diabetics can equally take this program with similar safety. Blood sugar levels should not be affected greatly. In other words one should not experience hypoglycaemia.

I’ve done an hCG diet before. How is the SlimReset program different?

If you've done the "hcg diet" through a weight loss clinic before, you'll be familiar with the Dr. Simeon's protocol with a very low calorie diet and outdated generic food list. The problem with this is how low the calories are and how unsupported the nutrition is based on an individual's unique gut's needs. This risks an increase or inflammation and a loss of muscle, not to mention damage to the metabolism.

What makes SlimReset truly unique is their personalized nutrition based on gut analysis, providing tailored support for your individual digestive needs. Experience targeted fat loss from those stubborn areas while preserving and building muscle. Their expert nutritionists have crafted meal plans that not only reduce inflammation but also promote effective digestion throughout and beyond the program.

What kind of food is allowed on the diet?

In order to optimize fat loss you will need to eliminate high fat foods (both good and bad), oils, highly processed and sugar enriched foods.

If I consume less than 800 calories, will I lose even more weight?

No, less calories do not mean more weight loss. Instead it means more muscle loss and damage to your metabolism. Our coaching team calculates your calories based on your unique metrics and lifestyle needs. If you eat any less than 800, your body is at risk of thinking it’s starving and may actually hold on to the fat. In order to avoid a potential weight stall, it’s critical to meet the recommended caloric intake as advised by our SlimReset medical team.