Weight Loss Injections Canada

SlimReset understands that to achieve results, individual, tailored programming is necessary, which we provide for you, but we also understand that more active medical help is often necessary.

Our injectable prescription medication makes the essential difference between simply starving yourself, and enabling fat loss to reduce your body weight.

If you have a high body mass index along with high blood pressure or any other weight related medical problems, you have likely been advised to lose weight.

However, weight loss through willpower alone is not only difficult, but may be nearly impossible. If you have been unable to achieve results on a calorie controlled diet, paired with physical activity, SlimReset can help.

Boost Your Ability to Lose Weight

A medically prescribed hormone, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, which occurs naturally in your body, helps shift the body to a fat-loss mode.

The injections put your body in an anabolic state which is favourable for burning fat and increasing muscle. When you are on a reduced calorie diet, the injections allow your body to burn stubborn fat, including belly fat, instead of muscle. In this way, coupled with our customized, individual food and meal planning program, we ensure that you lose body fat only, not muscle.

On our program, because it is tailored to you, you can continue your regular physical activity while on our weight loss medication and food plans.

At Home Treatments

After a remote consultation, we send everything you need within 48 hours for your convenience. Shipping is discreet. You will be provided the necessary information to administer the injections for weight loss yourself. We also have a topical transdermal cream option available that is equally as effective, with easy-to-measure pumps.

Prescription Drugs vs Over the Counter Medicines

Prescription medications or drugs are available only when recommended and prescribed by a doctor or healthcare provider. To obtain these medications, your healthcare provider must give you a prescription. They should be taken only by the person they are intended for.

Over-the-counter medicines are available without a prescription, but are usually weaker or diluted. They do still cause side effects and may have drug interactions.

They also may interact negatively with certain conditions or diseases. These medicines may worsen your condition or they may cause another drug you are taking to build up in your body if they are taken inappropriately. These medicines may worsen your condition or they may cause another drug you are taking to build up in your body if they are taken inappropriately.

SlimReset's Prescribed,
Medical Grade Injections

SlimReset uses only medical grade hCG, which is specifically prescribed for you. Although the injections are shipped to your home, they are not over-the-counter treatments, but are full prescription medicines. Any non-medical grade versions you may see elsewhere are diluted and may pose a risk to your health.

Are Weight Loss
Injection Right for Me?

Always consult with your healthcare professional. SlimReset's injectable prescription medicine are specifically prescribed for you by our medical team. As with any prescription, do not share it with anyone else. It is unlikely to cause serious allergic reactions, but notify our medical team if you experience any unexpected effects.We ensure you only receive prescribed injections that are safe and suitable for you from the medical details you provide, including your personal or family history. If you have kidney disease or other acute or chronic disease, advise our medical team.

Persons with Diabetes

Diabetics can follow the SlimReset program safely. Blood sugar levels are not impacted significantly, so you are not likely to experience unusual low blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia is not an expected side effect.

Achieve a Healthy
Body Weight

A template solution doesn't work for everyone. slimReset is different, because your program is customized to you, personally, for your effective fat loss results. Our weight loss treatment is prescribed to work in combination with your reduced calorie meal plan, for maximum weight loss and chronic weight management. SlimReset provides reliable results.

Women can expect to lose an average weight loss of 25 lbs in 30 days, while men can expect 30 lbs in 30 days.

Reach your healthy weight faster, with the slimReset program to boost your body fat loss.

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