Rapid Weight
Loss Program

Rapid weight loss diets are defined as any where you lose more than 2 pounds a week over several weeks.

With SlimReset, we use a gutChek analysis to assess what foods are right for you, so your gut determines your food plan. With this, an even more accelerated weight loss is possible.

An average weight loss of  0.5 to 1 lb a day is achievable! On average, women on SlimReset are able to lose an average of 25 lbs in 30 days, while men lose an average of 30 lbs in 30 days.

Achieve a Healthy Body Weight Quickly

Prioritize your health, and learn healthy habits with your SlimReset personalized diet plan for healthy weight loss and personal coaching.

Prioritize your weight loss, for a happier, healthier you, while eating healthy meals and making healthy lifestyle changes.

Shed your excess weight fast. Reach your goal weight and maintain it for good.

The key to losing fat, and not muscle, is with the gutCheck analysis. We use a sample of your hair to analyze, which gives us data we can use to custom design a dietary plan for you. The results determine your meal planning; SlimReset does not use a template diet and food plan, but develops one for you. 

Personal Analysis
and Plan

Know what your gut needs. Have the information you need to support your rapid weight loss diet while also maintaining a healthy diet. While your individual food plan will have a calorie restriction, it is sustainable and safe, to avoid yo-yoing.

You will benefit from the best possible rapid weight loss results and easy maintenance.

SlimReset is Canada's only customizable, medical accelerated weight loss program. Your plan is designed for you, based on your gutChek results.

We know everyone is different, so we create unique plans for each customer. Because every plan is customized, you know you are getting advice that is right for you.

You will be amazed by the rapid weight loss you will achieve.

Losing Weight

SlimReset is one of the best rapid weight loss programs, because of how quickly the pounds drop away, but what makes us the best rapid weight loss program is that you can do it safely. Expert nutrition coaches are on hand to oversee your progress, answer questions, and make sure you are safe.

Our methods ensure your lower weight is not from dehydration or muscle loss.

With SlimReset, the weight loss comes from your body fat stores only. The issue with a very low calorie diet is that muscle loss can occur. This is bad for your health and sabotages your weight loss goals, because muscle burns fat. By losing muscle, you lose an important way to burn fat and lose weight.

However, with SlimReset and your tailored program, you don't experience this muscle loss or other health concerns from diets with an overly extreme calorie restriction.

SlimReset Advantages

We are one of the most effective weight loss programs is because we take a comprehensive approach, using more than one method to help you lose weight.

Expert Nutrition Coaching

You will have access to expert, personalized nutritional coaching when you need it. 

Get the support you need for transformational lifelong change. One of our personal holistic nutritionists is available daily to support you and help you transition to healthy eating habits that are right for you. They can guide you on healthy foods and answer questions about your meal plan.

Our nutrition coaches provide expert guidance so you do not need to feel anxious along your weight loss journey.

SlimMetrics and Slimination

You will be given your tailored rapid weight loss protocol. Your own food list will be provided, so you know exactly what to eat and how much for reliable results.

Your list is based on your personal gutChek results.Your SlimMetrics program guides your calorie and protein requirements and intake. You will also have your own Slimnation meal plan. Your program is broken down into fat loss and weight maintenance phases. By following these plans, a rapid weight loss of 0.5 to 1 lb per day will be possible.

As part of our weight loss program, for optimal results, we prescribe medical grade hCG to promote steady weight loss.

No Add-Ons

There are no hidden fees or surprises. Everything you need to lose weight is included. You eat your own meals, and still lose weight quickly.

Fast and Permanent Results

Stay motivated with superior results, so you can avoid the dreaded rebound weight gain, with our designed phases to help you manage and maintain your results.

Prioritize your health now, and try SlimReset to lose 0.5 - 1 lb of fat daily. Enjoy the feeling of better health.