FAT Loss Program

SlimReset is scientifically designed to help you safely, but quickly drop weight, exclusively targeting fat all over the body, including stubborn belly fat.

As early as on the second day, abnormal fat stores will start to convert to caloric energy, allowing you to start losing 0.5 to 1lb everyday, from body fat alone.

RAPID, but Healthy weight loss

SlimReset is based on medical knowledge of fat loss mechanisms, to prevent your metabolism from slowing. This is frustrating and sabotages your weight loss goals.

We start with a baseline of 800 calories, because under this amount, the body shuts down into survival mode, thinking it is starving, and can start to retain fat as a result. In order to avoid a potential weight stall, it is critical to follow the recommended caloric intake that was prescribed for you by the SlimReset medical team.

Your plan was specifically designed for you, so you do not need to worry that you ought to be doing more to get better results. Instead, you can just relax and trust the program.

Lose Fat not Muscle Mass

With SlimReset, we target fat loss, not water or muscle for losing weight. Many crash and fad diets cut calorie intake so much, it is impossible to maintain normal physical activity; maintaining muscle mass is equally impossible. This, plus the near-starvation of these diets, mean you lose muscle.

This is the complete opposite of what you want when you are trying to burn fat. You burn more calories if you have more lean muscle mass, speeding up fat loss as your resting metabolic rate increases.

Body Fat Loss Workouts

You can continue your existing fat loss workout plan, or step it up to include more high intensity workouts.

Many people turn to a cardio workout program to shred fat, but lifting weights and resistance training to increase your muscle will really help your fat burning. Try targeting the major muscle groups, with a different muscle group each time. This will add variety, because you have a different workout routine every time. It will also make sure you are maximizing each strength training session; over several sessions of working on different groups, you will be addressing all the body areas for maximum effects.

Burn calories as you work out, and improve your ability to burn calories as you rest, with increased muscle. A key benefit of SlimReset is that you can take advantage of fat burning exercise while on our program, instead of having to avoid all activity because of a fad starvation diet plan.

Our medical support team will help ensure your ongoing health if you are working out while on our program; advise them of any health conditions you may have.


Reset Your digestive
System on and off program

A medically prescribed hormone, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, which does occur naturally in your body, helps shift the body to a fat-loss mode, so you can achieve our full benefits.

SlimReset uses only medical grade hCG, which is specifically prescribed for you. Any non-medical grade versions are diluted and may pose a risk to your health.

Continue Your Exercise
Program to Lose Weight

Build muscle, don't lose it. SlimReset enables you to continue exercising, for the health benefits as well as to promote weight loss and burning fat.

Because you have daily access to our nutrition coaches, a nutrition strategy can be devised for you, taking into account your workout program. If you find you are getting too fatigued or have other concerns, just talk to your nutrition coach, and your nutrition plan can be adjusted as necessary.

Stress levels

An added benefit of SlimReset allowing activity, it that exercise and activity is great for reducing stress. Stress and stress hormones are linked to weight gain, so anything to limit this will be a benefit to you for losing fat. Keep your fat loss workout, and enjoy lower stress, higher metabolism, as well as a general feeling of wellness.

Trust the SlimReset Process

A single solution doesn't work for everyone. Avoid crash diets that only work for a couple of weeks before your weight rebounds back. SlimReset is different, because it is is customized to you, personally, for your most effective fat loss results.

We have reliable results. Women can expect to lose an average of 25 lbs in 30 days, while men can expect 30 lbs in 30 days.

Lose body weight from fat loss, not muscle, for faster and longer lasting results. Reach your healthy weight faster, with a healthier lifestyle and a SlimReset program that boosts your body fat loss.

it's your time to get slim again.

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