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With our weight loss program, an average weight loss
goal of  0.5 to 1 lb a day is achievable!

Our Woodbridge weight loss programs do more than give you a template diet.

SlimReset Gut AnalysisSlimReset Gut Analysis

Not Your Typical
Weight Loss Clinic

SlimReset Woodbridge offers the SlimReset advantage to weight loss; we are Canada's only medically-accelerated weight loss program that is customized to you. Our team uses gutChek technology analysis, to assess your individual health needs, and ensure that your weight loss program and food plan is tailored to you.

SlimReset clinics use a combination of approaches for a safe, effective weight loss diet. With your gutChek results, we determine the perfect food list and meal plans for you. We give you access to our nutrition experts for support, and our medical doctor consults with you. Medical treatment injections may be prescribed to help your body burn stubborn body fat, instead of muscle.

Easy, Personalized
Treatment Plan

Since it is tailored to you, you know it will be the best weight loss process for you, with superior results and easier weight management. Know what your gut needs; get the information you need to support both fat loss and weight maintenance stabilization goals.

Reliable Results

Take positive action today and let SlimReset help you lose 0.5 - 1 lb of fat each day, without losing muscle.On average, women on SlimReset can lose an average of 25 lbs in a month, while men lose an average of 30 lbs in the same period.With our program, an average weight loss of  0.5 to 1 lb a day is achievable!

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Personal Assessment

Your plan is designed for you, based on your gutChek results. We use a sample of your hair to analyze, which gives us data we can use to custom design a dietary plan for you. We also assess your health history.SlimReset never uses a template diet or food plan, but creates one, just for you.

Lose Weight Now

At SlimReset, we know that sometimes, dieting and exercise are not enough, and you need to reset your hormonal balance. Also, going on diets with excessively low numbers of calories can cause insulin resistance and rebounding weight. If you have been unable to achieve results on a calorie controlled diet, paired with physical activity, SlimReset can help.

Hormone Reset

Our prescribed medications make the critical difference between starving yourself and risking the loss of muscle mass, and enabling targeted fat loss to reduce your body weight.

A doctor at our Woodbridge weight loss clinic, after a remote consultation, can prescribe a hormone, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, for medical purposes, to help you lose weight. These treatments help shift your body to a fat-loss mode. Your health history, including factors like high blood pressure will be reviewed.

This naturally occurring hormone pushes your body into an anabolic state that promotes burning fat and increasing muscle. Paired with your individual food plan, the injections allow your body to burn stubborn fat, including belly fat, instead of muscle.

Gut Analysis

Maintain Muscle and Metabolism to Prevent Weight Gain

The critical importance of losing fat, not muscle mass, is that this helps you preserve a high metabolic rate, since muscle burns more calories. The issue with fad, low calorie diets is that muscle loss can occur. Not only is this bad for overall health, but it sabotages your weight loss goals. By losing muscle, you slow your metabolism, making it easier to gain weight again. With SlimReset, you don't lose muscle, so you can maintain a high metabolism, and not get caught in a negative cycle.

SlimReset Gut AnalysisSlimReset Gut Analysis

Losing Weight With Nutrition Education

You also have access to personalized nutritional coaching with our Woodbridge team. They address any food sensitivities, and develop personalized meal planning just for you.

Making life changes without help is hard, so we ensure you have access to the assistance you need. With SlimReset, you have access to expert resources that provide information you need. 

SlimReset Woodbridge weight loss programs remote but in person nutritional counselling available. Free consultation with our nutrition coaches is there for you, daily, to help you transition to eating habits that are healthy and right for your body.

Our Woodbridge weight loss team provides you with reliable, accurate information that is relevant to you. We will educate you on your healthy diet, concerns about health conditions or your overall health, as well as answer any questions you have about your meal plan. You can be confident you have the tools you need to achieve weight loss success and reach your goal weight.Our Woodbridge team gives you the reliable, expert guidance and support you need.

Our SlimReset Woodbridge weight loss clinic will also help you enjoy better health with improved digestion and reduced inflammation. Increase energy levels, as you attain health goals as well as your weight loss goals.

SlimReset is Rapid Weight Loss

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Our tangible results will excite you and keep you motivated. Let our successful weight loss strategies help you lose weight and keep it off, with no rebound weight gain.

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