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Weight Loss Toronto

At SlimReset Toronto, using a combination of approaches, we provide coaching and treatments for safe, effective weight loss.You have access to our nutrition experts whenever you need them. A medical doctor will also consult with you, and prescribe our medical treatment injections, to help your body burn stubborn body fat, instead of muscle.

SlimReset Gut Analysis

Weight Loss Clinic Toronto

Our Toronto weight loss programs are more than a cookie-cutter solution. Our medically-supervised, individual analysis, personalized meal planning, medical treatments and educational support are all customized to you.

Losing Weight With Nutrition Education

We tailor a program for you, based on a gutChek analysis and health information you provide to us in online consultations. Lifestyle changes are hard, especially if you don't have help, so we ensure you have access to the assistance you need. SlimReset gives you the access to expert resources you need, for reliable information that is specific to you. We provide everything you need, including food lists and meal plans; information is just as important, so we provide personalized nutritional coaching, too, by our Toronto team.In addition to weight loss considerations, we address any concerns about food sensitivities or inflammatory foods, making evidence based recommendations. 

Nutrition Coaching

Have one on one coaching there when you need it. Eating well becomes second nature, so weight maintenance is easy, and your weight loss is permanent. Ongoing support is available, to assist with sustainable weight loss and permanent lifestyle changes.With one of our personal nutritionists available to support you, daily and whenever you need it, we can help you transition to eating habits that are healthy and right for your body and life. Our Toronto weight loss team provides you with reliable information you need. Our nutrition coaches will educate you on emotional eating, guide you on healthy foods, provide weight loss tips, and answer any questions you have about your meal plan, so you have the tools you need to attain weight loss success and reach your goal weight.

Evidence Based Plan

Your plan is designed for you, based on your gutChek results. We use a sample of your hair to analyze, which gives us measurable, impartial health data to base a dietary plan on. We also assess your health history. Everyone is different, so we create a unique plan for you.

How Can You Begin
Your Weight Loss Journey

At SlimReset, we know dieting and exercise are not always enough, and you may need to reset your hormonal balance. If you have been unable to achieve results on a calorie controlled diet, paired with physical activity, we can help, with medically supervised treatments.

Hormone Reset

Our prescription medication treatments makes a critical difference in enabling fat loss to reduce your body weight.

Medically Supervised

Our medical lead prescribes for our Toronto clients medical grade hormone, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, which occurs naturally in your body. We utilize this within our prescribed nutrition protocol, to help shift your body to fat-loss mode.

This puts your body into an anabolic state for increased fat burning and muscle mass development. When we combine this with your carefully, individually planned reduced calorie diet, hCG lets your body burn stubborn fat, including belly fat, instead of muscle.

Lose Weight with SlimReset

We are Canada's only medically-accelerated, individually-customized weight loss program, for your individual weight loss journey. Starting with your gutChek results to assess your individual health needs, we use that to ensure that your weight loss program and food plan is tailored to you, making us your Toronto weight loss experts.

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This means you have an easy, no-stress, weight loss process, great results and easier weight management. Know what your gut needs; we can give you the information you need to support both fat loss and weight maintenance stabilization goals.

Rapid, Reliable
Daily Results

This means you have an easy, no-stress, weight loss process, great results and easier weight management. Know what your gut needs; we can give you the information you need to support both fat loss and weight maintenance stabilization goals.


Health is as important as weight loss. Your SlimReset Toronto weight loss clinic will help you enjoy better health and more energy as you reach your healthier weight. Achieve your health goals as well as your weight loss goals.

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Your fast results will keep you motivated, while our multi-faceted, successful weight loss strategies help you lose weight and keep it off, to avoid a rebound weight gain.

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