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#1 more rapid!

we're the most rapid medical weight loss program in Canada

SlimReset compared to other weight loss program competitors

Compared to other weight loss programs in Canada you'll experience RAPID fat loss of 0.5 to 1 lb a day of fat loss daily, even from areas that are typically hard to reach by diet and exercise alone.

In 2021, Women on slimReset lose an average of 25lbs in 30 days. Men on slimReset lose an average of 30lbs in 30 days! You lose both fat AND chronic inflammation with the addition of our gutChek analysis.

#2 "triple threat"

like j-lo, we're a "triple threat"
(in weight loss)

SlimReset Coach

We're a "triple threat" because we feature 3 powerful benefits in ONE program. A gut analysis, a rapid weight loss protocol and daily support with a nutrition coach who personalizes your journey for optimal results!

#3 more affordable!

rapid results, a program personalized for you with a coach PLUS we're more affordable!

SlimReset Cost Comparison to Competitors

Unlike other programs, you receive everything you need to drop lbs, with coaching and your prescribed products with no hidden fees. No extra's required. Everything shipped to your door!

#4 know your gut!

Finally get to know your gut's needs, your nutrition plan is personalized by your gutChek results for fat loss and maintenance post program!

SlimReset includes a gut test digestive analysis

YOUR gut's needs is the key to lasting health and weight loss results! By removing the "blinders" you currently have on of what to eat for both gut health and weight loss and maintenance daily.

#4 daily support

your "aha" moments,
just a tap away,
no matter where you are

SlimReset Client App

The #1 reason most people fail at weight loss programs comes down to habits. We get it. That's why on SlimReset you're teamed up with a personal holistic nutritionist to make getting to your goal easier and those "aha" moments along the way life changing!

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it's your time to get slim again!

it's your time to get slim again.

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